The Media Bomb Campaign is a targeted effort to attract mainstream attention to the issue of cannabis extract medicine. Below are several specific actions you can take to help achieve this goal. The potential of even one individual to make a significant difference has been evidenced countless times throughout the life of the cannabis extract movement, so do not underestimate your ability to stimulate real change.

The Comprehensive Report on the Cannabis Extract Movement

It is critical that anyone advocating for this issue understands it well. The Comprehensive Report on the Cannabis Extract Movement extensively analyzes the science behind cannabinoid therapy, and examines dozens of successful patient cases, including medically documented terminal cancer remissions. Recent news events are also addressed, such as Dr. Raphael Mechoulam’s and Dr. Manuel Guzman’s calls for clinical trials, Harborside Health Center’s growing observations of skin cancer success, and the activism of various government officials in South Africa, Wales, Australia, and the United States for cannabis extract research. Understanding these intricate details will enable you to convince anyone of the legitimacy of cannabis extract medicine.

Comprehensive Report on the Cannabis Extract Movement

Sharing this document alone is immensely powerful. You can share it with elected representatives through email, phone calls, or written letters. To find their contact information, search “*your state* legislature” and the legislative directory will come up. The directory will either provide you with email addresses and phone numbers, or a contact form.

You can also send Twitter messages to nearly any celebrity by tagging them in a tweet. For example, a compelling, targeted Twitter message would look something like, “@DrSanjayGupta, cannabis extracts have proven to kill cancer in humans, please examine the evidence! #cannabis”. Using hashtags like “#cannabis” ensures that other people searching for that tag will also see your message, enhancing exposure. You can also point out specific pieces of evidence in Twitter messages. Such as, “@richardbranson Did you know it was formally proven cannabis extracts kill leukemic cancer cells in a human? #thc”.

Remember all messages are limited to 140 characters. You can also ensure that the celebrity you are contacting is authentic by checking for a blue check mark beside their name, which Twitter places on verified accounts. Famous doctors, business people, actors, or celebrities of any kind should be contacted, but especially those who support cannabis.


There are currently several projects you can financially support, each of which has the potential to make a seriously major impact. It is simply awesome that all these forces are coming together simultaneously, and by accelerating each project, we can change the world far quicker. Thankfully, Run From the Cure 2 has already been entirely funded, freeing up resources for other endeavors. RFTC2 is expected to come out later in 2014.

The Phoenix Five – Phoenix Tears is currently producing a documentary tracking the progress of five terminal cancer patients using cannabis extracts to heal. Showing healing from start to finish is extremely compelling, and makes it impossible for anyone to deny the rapid effectiveness of cannabis extract medicine. Support the Phoenix Five by clicking the image link below. Note: Not to be confused with the temporary X-men team known as The Phoenix Five.

Weed the People – Ricki Lake, a popular talk show host from the 1990s and star of the original 1988 Hairspray movie, is producing a documentary about cannabis extracts killing cancer. Her film follows two child cancer patients using cannabis extracts successfully, and features interviews from notable people like Dr. Donald Abrams, Amanda Reiman from The Drug Policy Alliance, Dr. Sunil Aggarwal, Dr. William Courtney, John Malanca of United Patients Group, and more. Given the quality of this documentary, and Ricki Lake’s stature, this project has the real possibility of quickly attracting mainstream coverage. It already partially has, appearing on the front-page of for a full day.

Project Storm – An organization known as Bud Buddies is producing a documentary following six terminal cancer patients as they use cannabis to recover. This organization is notable for having the support of Dr. Guillermo Velasco, who has worked with Dr. Manuel Guzman to show how cannabinoids kill cancer at the cellular level. Their scientific, professional approach to this controversial issue is critical for building credibility.