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We are very happy to announce that Rick Simpson’s first book “Phoenix Tears – The Rick Simpson Story” is now available in English and in Spanish as “Phoenix Tears – La Historia de Rick Simpson”. We hope that you will enjoy this book and will want to share it with friends and family.

For more information about the paperback edition of “Nature’s Answer for Cancer” in English and German, visit here.

Rick Simpson’s paperback books are also available on Amazon and e-books on Kindle and Kobo.

The only two websites Rick Simpson is affiliated with are: &

We do not sell RSO cannabis oil, we only provide information on its benefits and the method how to make your own.

There are many suppliers around the world who say that they are producing RSO, and who are using Rick's name. Rick Simpson has no connection with these suppliers and he has no involvement with the Phoenix Tears Foundation from the U.S.

After learning the truth about the amazing healing abilities of cannabis oil which we produced himself, Rick Simpson made this knowledge public. He put up the website back in 2004 and he made the information people need to heal themselves free for all to use at no cost. Rick did not even try to patent the oil or the method he used to produce the oil, because he felt that this is knowledge everyone should have so they could learn how they can deal with their medical problems themselves, in a sensible harmless manner.

Since he was growing plants in his own backyard, Rick Simpson was giving the oil away for free, while he was still in Canada. He has been doing this until 2009, when the Royal Canadian Mounted Police did the final raid at his home. The oil that he was giving away for free had a very high percentage of THC. Today these extracts are usually called RSO or Rick Simpson Oil and it was the late leader of the cannabis movement Jack Herer himself who coined this phrase.

Simpson does not have a foundation, a clinic or healing center. He does not produce of sell the oil. He only provides information on its benefits and the method how to make your own RSO. Since 2013 he has been living in Croatia, Europe.

The only two websites Rick Simpson is affiliated with are and

The books  The Rick Simpson Story and Rick Simpson Oil Nature’s Answer For Cancer – by Rick Simpson contain a summary of information that is currently available, concerning the production and use of cannabis oil as medicine. They include detailed information about how to produce and use Rick Simpson Oil in the treatment of various number of illnesses and Rick’s story which describes the obstacles he faced, in trying to bring this knowledge to the public.

Rick Simpson’s book are available here

If you would like to order more books, please place your order at our publishing company Simpson RamaDur LLC where you will have the option to choose between 1-4 books. Anyone wishing to order 10+ books can contact us at and will receive a quote with a wholesale discount.

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Therefore, it will not be possible for us to answer your questions any longer, for we simply do not have the time and resources, to continue to play this role in the future.  

All the information that one should require concerning the production and use of these extracts, can be found in the new texts available on the website. This is the only website that Rick Simpson is associate with.

We do not provide or sell these extracts and we are not connected with any organisations or individuals who do,  our only aim is to furnish you with the information and knowledge, which will allow you to produce this amazing medication yourself.


To help further his fight and provide the information available on this website, please purchase Rick's books at: Simpson RamaDur LLC

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