Run From the Cure 2 Trailer

The official Run From the Cure 2 trailer has now been released. The sequel powerfully illustrates how far the movement has come since the original film’s release. With testimony from terminal cancer survivors and leading cannabis researchers, activists, and dispensary owners, Run From the Cure 2 goes further than any other cannabis oil documentary.

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Rick Simpson and several doctors are hosting a seminar in Slovenia where many topics related to cannabis extract medicine will be discussed. This event is a major opportunity for both the public and media to be educated about the full potential of cannabis.

The Path Forward for Cannabis Medicine

There is now enough information to convince anyone that cannabis extracts are remarkably effective against disease. With the Sanjay Gupta documentary, the world now knows that cannabis extracts have proven miraculously effective for Dravet syndrome. This case opens minds to other possibilities. With Charlotte Figi’s case as the primary catalyst, The Comprehensive Report on Cannabis Extract Medicine has been formed. You can read this to more intimately understand the different pieces of this movement, as well as share with others to educate them. Furthermore, by visiting the Media Bomb Campaign page, you can participate in coordinated efforts to share this information with influential people. The time for revolution has finally come, but it will take all of us working together to change the world in the most peaceful and beneficial way possible.

You can view the document for free at first link. The second link points to Kindle, where the report can be purchased for $2.99. Both versions are identical.

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