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Run From the Cure 2 Trailer

The official Run From the Cure 2 trailer has now been released. The sequel powerfully illustrates how far the movement has come since the original film’s release. With testimony from terminal cancer survivors and leading cannabis researchers, activists, and dispensary owners, Run From the Cure 2 goes further than any other cannabis oil documentary.

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Rick Simpson and several doctors are hosting a seminar in Slovenia where many topics related to cannabis extract medicine will be discussed. This event is a major opportunity for both the public and media to be educated about the full potential of cannabis.

Urgent Action Alert

A United States citizen from Iowa named Benton Mackenzie is currently on trial for growing cannabis to make oil for his terminal cancer. This Huffington Post article describes his situation well. The prosecution has barred Benton from using a medical defense and he is not allowed to even say he has cancer, or will be immediately put in jail. The prosecution is also going after his family, including son and parents, for their involvement. This is one of the greatest evils ever perpetrated against a medical cannabis user, and it cannot be allowed. All readers are urged to help by visiting the Free Benton website. Also, below are specific instructions on who to contact and what to do:

Please call and email the Governor of Iowa asking him politely to either pardon or commute the sentence of Benton Mackenzie in the name of human decency. You can also post this on your Facebook status to spread awareness and action.

Governor Terry E. Branstad
1007 East Grand Ave.
Des Moines, Iowa 50319
Phone: 515.281.5211

The following is the Judge’s information, who has the power to sentence Mackenzie to “time served”. Contacting him is equally important as the governor.
Henry W. Latham II, District Court Judge
Scott County Courthouse
400 W. 4th St. Davenport, Iowa 52801
Phone: 563-326-8783 • Fax: 563-326-8218

The Path Forward for Cannabis Medicine

There is now enough information to convince anyone that cannabis extracts are remarkably effective against disease. With the Sanjay Gupta documentary, the world now knows that cannabis extracts have proven miraculously effective for Dravet syndrome. This case opens minds to other possibilities. With Charlotte Figi’s case as the primary catalyst, The Comprehensive Report on Cannabis Extract Medicine has been formed. You can read this to more intimately understand the different pieces of this movement, as well as share with others to educate them. Furthermore, by visiting the Media Bomb Campaign page, you can participate in coordinated efforts to share this information with influential people. The time for revolution has finally come, but it will take all of us working together to change the world in the most peaceful and beneficial way possible.

You can view the document for free at first link. The second link points to Kindle, where the report can be purchased for $2.99. Both versions are identical.

Comprehensive Report on Cannabis Extract Medicine at SlideShare

Comprehensive Report on Cannabis Extract Medicine at Amazon

Please Read

Due to the overwhelming amount if emails we receive daily we are asking you to please only contact unless it is absolutely necessary. With only so many hours in a day and only two of us reading and replying to your emails, we cannot keep up. I deeply appreciate all your well-wishes and am moved and touched by the stories of your loved ones.

All the information for making the oil can be found on this site. I do not provide or sell any oil, only give you the information and knowledge to make this amazing cure.

Best wishes,

Rick Simpson

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