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Dear people, My father (63 years old, has been ill for quite some years now and has survived multiple cancers (all originating from an adenocarcinoma stomach cancer). Years of chemotherapy and surgery have taken their toll) has been using the compound now for two days. Although we are afraid to cheer already – because of all the things we went through in the last five years – we see very hopeful signs and his situation has improved! My father seems less weak and has more energy – his posture isn’t “cramped” anymore- he is much more positive and less stressed: he has hope again! He talks about the news, television etc and is not “locked into himself” anymore – he laughed again and even made some jokes!!!

J. de K. The Netherlands

…to give you a quick update on my father (after almost four days of treatment he’s doing quite well seen [seeing] the circumstances) – He’s slightly sedated and sleeps a lot – We got him off the Tramadol since yesterday – His pain is getting less frequent and less painful – Urine’s still dark: so poisons are leaving his body

J. de K.

My father is doing a little better every day. He’s very motivated to get well and he’s enthusiastic about the oil. Although his pain is still there, it has gotten a lot less intensive and painful. My father is listening to music again and stated today: “I feel the oil is working in my body”… he stopped the Tramadol a couple of days ago. We will now try to stop the paracetamol also.

Dear people: thank you for your continuous support and information! God bless you all!

Kind regards, J. de K.

My father keeps improving slightly every day! This is absolutely fantastic!

J. de K.

Dear friends,What we went through today is almost indescribable. It’s insane even!

Yesterday we provided the hospital with a dicom-cdrom of the previous three ct-scan’s: November 2007, January 2008 and February 2008. In November and January my dad’s disease was stable, in January they discovered (as you know) that “there was nothing more they could do: it was spreading rapidly”. The hospital would compare the February 2008 scan with the current one…At 12.30 hr. we were present at the hospital for the result of the ct- scan. The doctor was an arrogant, intellectually not very impressive piece of pharmaceutical industry trash. I don’t call people these kinds of names easily, but he did his very best to earn this title… He came in and said: “Haven’t finished my round, so you’ve got to wait for a couple of minutes”. Twenty minutes later he came in and told us some more people would join him: the head-nurse, assistant doctor and an intern joined him. Much too crowded for such an important conversation: eight people in a small room.
He said to my dad: “things are very bad; we compared our scan to the last scan (made in Rotterdam) and conclude that there’s 50-100% increase in tumors and metastasis, but your vital organs are clean”.
“We urge you to take morphine to clear the pain” – “the pain is caused by the cancer in the abdomen, as is the low HB-value of the blood.”…we decided to ask the hospital pastor for help. He was very kind and we told him everything: also about the oil. He listened to us and urged us: “you should go home with your mom and dad and please continue what you’re doing”! He looked me straight into the eyes: he believed us and seemed to know more…He was fascinated by Rick’s story, so I gave him the link to “Run from the Cure” and told him he might be able to help other people with it. We went home. On the way home Mariella said: “what if they compared the wrong scans?” We got home: I switched on a pc with two monitors We are trying to compare the scans ourselves now, but our knowledge is limited. I hope any of you can help us out. Do you know anyone that can compare the ct-scan’s so we really know what’s going on and how good the oil worked?
We can upload the scans to a webserver, so they can be accessed from everywhere around the globe by any radiologist.

J. de K.

Dear Rick,I cannot describe what I feel! This is absolutely astounding! Thank you: thank you so much. I don’t know what to say: I think I’ll have to let this fantastic news “sink in” in my brain a little: I’ll send you another email later today. I have never been more amazed and happy in my life!
May GOD Bless you all! Yours truly,

J. de K.

Dear A. R.,We were ecstatic yesterday when Larry sent us your email. For the first time in years we got some really good news: this lifted us up. It’s the best news I ever got in my life!!

J. de K.

Have you had any experience with people having any luck using the oil to help with SCLC, [small cell lung cancer] My mother has just been diagnosed, has a large 10 cm by 10 cm mass in her upper left lobe, they say it has reached out to her spine area and got a hold of one rib, and is around her heart area…..she had 1week of chemo……..but the pain is still there.

J.M. ON Canada

We are amazed , you won’t believe this. The first hour of the first drop we could see it happening,,,,Today she has had about 3 dots three times and is very comfortable and almost out of pain for the first time in 6 months ,, She says she can breathe better, I have an oxygen blood meter, digital finger thing, she has been at 95 while sitting and as low as 85% AFTER WALKING 10 STEPS…today she walked 40 steps and it only dropped to 93%, Aaron (a Respirologist) says “Its a miracle, that means the cancer is receding already, Numbers are proof,” So I think she is going to improve so much in the next 9 days the when they scan her again for the new chemo kill fest , they will have to say its shrinking, and I think she will refuse chemo, and continue this course of action with the re- found Delta 9 THC Cancer Killer, thanks a million.


Things are going beyond good, improvement everyday. Her blood o2 has been normal now for over a month, 96 97% @ Rest / 95 96% Exertion, amazing. She has no pain at all, is on no opiates or any narcotics, sleeps all night, eats way more than I do, hasn’t lost a pound, mind is clear, spirits are good, she forgets how sick she was, she couldn’t even walk to the washroom without almost passing out, she was 90 92 % @ rest / 80 82 % exertion on January 22 2008, and was in massive pain since August 2007, She was diagnosed February 15th 2008. I saw the Run from the Cure Video on January 25, 2008, and had the oil made the next day…..She has improved greatly.. I know this is working, you wouldn’t believe it if you saw it, to day she was on the computer and the phone at the same time, makes breakfast for everyone, dinner, unbelievable.


Hey dude scan results today, 50 % or more reduction in the main mass (which was unexpected by the docs), nothing on the liver (small spot before), nothing in the brain (small spot before) nothing in the other lung (15 small quarter size spots before), nothing on the ribs, (c6 and c9 encased in cancer before), nothing around the heart valves (it had reached out to the heart area before), and the main mass is not only smaller but it looks like swiss cheese, its not a solid mass anymore,,,,,,the doctor is freaked……and he still says, this is not the cure, this will not get rid of your cancer, he assumes HE is the one with some magical chemo, and she is one in 8 million that this chemo has worked on, her and no one else… last week he said chemo does little to nothing for lung cancer and most cancers, it just makes it stay at best, and she will be dead by August of this year, and that he doesn’t think another chemo is a good idea, he would not do it himself or give it to his own mother, hmmmmm….Now he wants more chemo. cause he is a miracle doctor. She is not going….but not 100% confident. Hopefully this week she comes to her senses and stops this chemo ….oh well they can only give her 1 more cause the cancer will be gone by then.


Hey Rick its J.We had a CT yesterday, her main mass is less than 1 cm, almost gone haven’t had chemo, it was 10 cm mass before …..thanks a million guys.


Thanks Rick my mom is completely cancer free from her Jan 28th Diagnosis of small cell lung cancer (the fast incurable one). She looks great and it’s gone, of course they say it will come back, can’t blame em, that’s all they know…But with this cancer the oncologist even said, he has never seen reduction this fast to zero ever before.

Also my brother is /.was type one Diabetes, he has been on it for 4 weeks now and hasn’t had to adjust his insulin in three weeks. Also saw varicose veins disappear in front of my eyes, seen moles go 4 shades lighter and half disappear ( the bad part of it gone gone ) I have seen carcinoma disappear also, with my own eyes…..and someone else was scheduled for a prostate removal, he couldn’t pee or anything, 6 weeks later they go to do the surgery, ooops they went in and came out, said it was fine now……….and they left it in ,,,,,,,the problem with lots of people is going to be the fact that the doctors are used to these things never getting better , so they will do the surgeries based on scans from weeks ago,,,,,,and the people might be scared not to have the surgery even though they are on the oil,,,,,,,,,,,,they must insist to be re- checked……….it’s their right..I have also seen 3 people Die in the last 6 months that didn’t take the oil, they figured that if it was real their lovely private bank owned so called country of Canada Inc. would use it to save them……


Hi,The reason for my letter is I am wondering if you have any research in regard to hemp oil and MS. I have several patients in my care that are dealing with MS and find that ingesting MM has been the only relief they have found. Since hemp oil is so much more powerful than marijuana in it’s natural state, I am wondering if you have found any curative effects as you have found with cancer in regard to this devastating disease and if you have what the dose would be.

I have made my first batch with no difficulties and the people that have tried it are having the same kind of results as the patients in the video. I am so grateful to have medicine so powerful at my disposal. I really appreciate having you guys as allies. Thanks again for your work.

Blessings, A.D. CO USA

Hey Rick,I just thought you would be interested in knowing that RFTC [Run From The Cure] has been running on our local cable access channel for a month now. The film has also shown at least once in the local high school that I know of. My friend with MS has been doing about a half of a gram a day for the last 3 weeks and she was discharged from her physical therapy today because of her “miraculous” improvement in – guess! ‘the last 3 weeks’.


My friend with MS is really doing well. I have known her for years and what has occurred in the past month is miraculous. She is part of our local MS society and has led several of her friends to getting licenses so they can have medical marijuana (it is legal in our state). Now she is sharing about the oil and how it is not only helping her with the spasticity and pain, but actually healing her.


Have successfully made PTears here…So far so good and have had two successes with people suffering diabetic ulcers where both cases were quoted with amputation by the respective doctors. Both are fully recovered.

G. P. South Africa

Hi Rick;I have sent you emails requesting information about cannabis oil used in the treatment of Basal Cell Carcinoma. I sincerely appreciate your help, thank you. I produced the oil myself… I applied the oil as instructed except that I re-applied the oil every 12 hrs. It appears that it has worked. The lesions are well on their way to being covered by new healthy skin. The remaining visible remnants of the lesions are between 3 and 5 mm in diameter… Thank you again for all your help.


I have been treating basal cell carcinoma,(skin cancer) with cannabis oil. The Veterans Medical Center Dermatology clinic was told before I started treatment, what I was going to do. I started treating two lesions on my forehead on 6/22/08. I went to the VA today at their request. THEY had made an appointment for me. This appointment was for the sole purpose of examining the two lesions I had treated. Two doctors examined me. They both said the same thing. The upper lesion still needed more treatment. This confirmed what I already knew. They both agreed that the lower lesion had been cured. One doctor said that he would not have ordered a biopsy on the lower lesion, because there appeared to be NO reason to do so. NO CANCER PRESENT. This is to me federal confirmation that cannabis does indeed have medical value. Both of these lesions had been biopsied, and diagnosed as basal cell carcinoma before I started my treatment.


I have been taking the hemp oil for the past 60 days with tremendous positive success for a chronic pain condition I have had since I was 18 years of age. For the first time that I can remember, I have little or no pain with the Ankylosing Spondylitis I have had to suffer with all my life. My kidney and liver function were damaged from the years of anti-inflammatory medication leaving me with a chronic pain condition on top of what I already had, that had to be dealt with by using addictive pain drugs. I spent years laying on my back being unable to move due to the damage caused by the disease and the drugs used to deal with the pain.

Although I was able to eventually stop all pharmaceutical drugs that were only prolonging and increasing my pain, I was only just existing until a good friend mentioned the tears to me, asked me if I’d try it, they gave me a sample and your website to study. I began taking the hemp oil during a flare-up that was leading me back from where I had just come from. Within two hours of starting the Phoenix Tears program I began to feel my body relax and the pain immediately diminish. I slept that night like I had never before. A deep sleep with complete relaxation, something I had never experienced in my adult life. Each day there has been a great reduction in my pain level allowing me to once again continue with my work. I am so very grateful to you for this.

Best wishes, G.D. AB Canada

I too am in poor health and have been using this [hemp oil] for almost 1 month and have had remarkable improvement. I have had head aches and blurred vision for 6 years from an automobile accident and have been given drug after drug over that time some with horrible side affects.

T.D. Canada

I have advanced arthritis and numerous other boring conditions and symptoms, including continuous muscle and nerve spasms. During the initial five years of my diagnosis I was given over 50 different pharmaceutical medications. None of them worked to control my pain and spasms, but nearly all of them had debilitating side effects ranging from increased panic attacks to severe addiction…I have been using small amounts, usually an eighth to a quarter of an ounce I have been using this recipe for almost two months and it works. I am using it topically several times a day. My friend Doris is using it internally; she…also suffers arthritis. We both experience improved vision as a ‘side effect’ and it is a Godsend for pain relief. Doris’s 20-yr-old granddaughter was diagnosed last fall with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and went through standard chemo and radiation ‘treatments’. She suffered severe burns to her esophagus and was unable to take food or fluids. We began giving her the oil about six weeks ago. Her cancer is in remission, no sign of it. I want to thank you so much for making this film and for doing the work you do. I ask the Lord to bless you and to continue guiding your steps. You are my hero, Sir!

L.M.A. Vermont

Hello Rick this is [D] just letting u know that [he] has got his last ct scan back and the 4 growths on his lungs have stopped growing what great news to get after so much bad but the doctor said that there was still cancer cells active in his blood but we are still working and are going to beat this, he is one very happy man when he got the news that the ones on his lungs stopped growing. We just couldn’t wait to tell everyone and to write u and tell u and say that we THANK U for everything that u have done to help us in every way that u could u will never be forgotten to us, and also thank u for the contact in Midville the prices are much cheaper a tube we once again THANK U for everything and we hope u e-mail us back.THANK U FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS.

D.M. NB Canada

Hello,I have been talking to a friend of mine about your work with hemp oil and all of the health benefits that come with taking it. I almost have her convinced to try it but she wanted me to check and see if you have ever treated anyone that had Juvenile diabetes? Also a friend of mine here in N.B. has been taking the oil for approx 2.5 months now as a cancer treatment and he is doing great. He says that he is feeling perfect and that he can’t remember feeling this good for a long time and he has absolutely NO PAIN.
Also a 19 year old boy from the community that has cancer just started taking the oil. He had been in bed for 3 days previous to taking the oil and had not been eating much of anything and was in a lot of pain and discomfort. The remarkable thing is that approx 20 minutes after taking a dose of the oil he got out of bed and walked out to the kitchen and asked for something to eat. Also that night he slept through the entire night and did not have to get up to take his pain medication. This is truly remarkable. On behalf of these 2 people and their families I thank you. And may God bless you all for your remarkable work.


Dear Rick,My family and I want to thank you for helping my husband to get better. The doctor felt that he had old age Leukemia, showing up in his blood test as a cancerous infection. After taking hemp oil for just a few weeks his new blood test showed great improvement. There is just light infection and he no longer needs to see an oncologist. He is now enjoying our new grandson and at age 82 is planning to be with us for a long time to come.
Rick thank you again, may God bless you and keep you well.

Sincerely, T.T. ON Canada

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