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Although many who supply what they say is the real RSO, often try to claim otherwise.  In reality I have no connection with any other websites or oil suppliers, so at least now you know the truth about this matter.

In addition, I have no involvement with any foundations or other organizations, involved in collecting funds or selling and supplying this oil, now commonly known as the Rick Simpson Oil and often referred to by many as RSO.

At present, there are many other websites which are trying to mimic the site, but for the most part they tend to be looking for money and often provide sub-standard oils at a very big price.

Once you go through the contents of this website, you will realize that we are not chasing the almighty dollar nor are we trying to sell you anything and in addition, we cannot supply the RSO to anyone at any price.

This website was put up and maintained as a free public service and we simply provide information that the public requires, to obtain the basic knowledge which can enable them to produce a natural medication, to deal with their own medical issues in a safe non addictive harmless way.

Contained within the information on this website you will find production methods, dosage instructions and my opinions about many other issues, which concern the production of this oil.

You will also find donate buttons on the website, but they only relate to raising funds to help us bring this message of hope to the world and to maintain this site, so others can acquire this knowledge at no cost.

Again I must stress the fact that we do not supply oil, all we provide is information and a way to acquire e-books and printed versions of these same books, which will enable you to gain even more knowledge about this subject.

Highest Regards

Rick Simpson

Please Read

Due to the overwhelming amount if emails we receive daily we are asking you to please only contact unless it is absolutely necessary. With only so many hours in a day and only two of us reading and replying to your emails, we cannot keep up. I deeply appreciate all your well-wishes and am moved and touched by the stories of your loved ones.

All the information for making the oil can be found on this site. I do not provide or sell any oil, only give you the information and knowledge to make this amazing cure.

Best wishes,

Rick Simpson


To help further his fight and provide the information available on this website, please give what you can.

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