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We do not supply oil because just like you, it is not legal for us to grow the high grade hemp that is needed to produce this substance either. There are those who do supply oil, but there is no quality control and as yet there are no standards in place, so you have no idea what you are purchasing. If you want the real thing at present its best to produce your own oil, at least that way you know what you have. Due to the corruption of the Canadian government, I have been forced to stay here in Europe living in exile for the past 17 months. So I am not in the position to supply anyone with oil, I can’t even supply enough oil for my own needs, due to the cost involved in getting high grade bud material over here. I do not send people to others who do supply oil, because I have no idea what quality the oil is that they supply. If you go over this website you will find dosage instructions and all the information that will enable you to produce your own oil. I’m very sorry but it is your own government that is causing this situation and I have no control over their actions. Until we can get rid of all this corruption about all I can do is provide the information that is available on this site. Simply follow the instructions from the movie Run from the Cure ( and the information found on this website.

As for growing instructions, you will have to buy a book on the subject. I recommend The Indoor Outdoor Medicinal Growers Bible by Jorge Cervantes (or check/buy his growing videos). As for anything else you need to know you should be able to find it on our website When you order seeds just make sure to get a powerful Indica strain around 20% THC – tell the supplier what you need it for, that you need it for the Rick Simpson oil, that you need a very powerful sedative indica with a short growing season and a lot of resin -a strain that is resistant to molds and bugs (as much possible) and will give good results even to a beginner. They usually know their strains and can recommend one that will suit your needs. The seeds are available online and there are many companies that supply them. But the quality of the strains and seeds vary from company to company so it is not possible for me to name a particular strain that you should look for.

An extensive list of available medical studies can be found here. Do not be surprised that you will not find any study at all that would deal directly with hemp oil in its purest form. The medical professionals have probably missed something (rather important, I´d say) and it is a wonder to me that they can perform their trade. It is like cooking without salt, it simply make very little sense.

Youtube clips that are worth watching:
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Rick Simpson at the Million Marijuana March 2010 in Prague
Rick Simpson, Zeleny Stvrtok in Bratislava, Slovak Republic, 17.6.2010
“The Cure” Re-Introduced by Rick Simpson on a 3rd Degree Burn – Part 1
“The Cure” Re-Introduced by Rick Simpson on a 3rd Degree Burn – Part 2
Radio Show with Rick Simpson and Bob Melamede
Rick at the High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam, 2009
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Thank you for your email and please send us results of the treatment. We are now gathering more evidence for a research project. All photos, videos, medical records or reports, testimonials and “customer stories” will be very appreciated.

If you want to prove to yourself that what we are saying is true, simply make some oil (an ounce of bud will give you four to six grams of oil) and put it on someone´s burn, skin cancer or diabetic ulcer. You will see the results for yourself. This is not about Rick Simpson, it is about the oil. And the oil, when made and used properly, does what he says it does.

Best Wishes,

Rick Simpson

After reading the above section, watching the videos provided above and reading all available material on this site, if you still need to contact Rick, please send a e-mail: phoenixtearsadmin(at)

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Due to the overwhelming amount if emails we receive daily we are asking you to please only contact unless it is absolutely necessary. With only so many hours in a day and only two of us reading and replying to your emails, we cannot keep up. I deeply appreciate all your well-wishes and am moved and touched by the stories of your loved ones.

All the information for making the oil can be found on this site. I do not provide or sell any oil, only give you the information and knowledge to make this amazing cure.

Best wishes,

Rick Simpson

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