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Hemp Medicine’s Political Exile At Large

I am here today to bring the public the simple honest truth. Why can the human race not see what is in front of their own eyes? Have we all been so badly brainwashed by the propaganda fed to us by the so-called system? It appears that this indeed is the case, when it comes to hemp´s medicinal use.

Often I become angry over the behavior of politicians, doctors, lawyers and others concerning this issue. But are they really at fault? Did they not receive the same programming that we did from the system? The obvious answer is yes. But when highly trained medical professionals, refuse to recognize hemp’s use as a medicine, even to the present day. Something is horribly wrong, with the medical system we have been forced to endure up to the present time.

Hemp´s medicinal use throughout history is legendary. It was used to treat practically all types of disease and injury. Only for the last few decades has hemp´s medicinal use been denied to the public. To recognize the hemp plant for what it really is, all we have to do is separate fact from fiction.

The system villainized hemp to the public by renaming it marijuana. Our parents and grandparents were told by the news and movie media that the marijuana and or hemp plant. Was a deadly, dangerous and addictive drug ,nothing could be further from the truth.

The people who produced this propaganda are long dead. So why do the lies and deceptions about hemp continue? The answer is simple – money. We are suffering and dying because big drug companies and other big money interests want to improve their profit margins. For them to continue doing this, they must ensure that hemp is kept illegal and away from the public for medicinal use.

If you check the history, you will find it was John D. Rockefeller and his rich friends along with corruption involving governments of that by gone era, that gave us the medical system we have today. Allopathic medicine – medicine from chemicals. Their lies and deception have convinced the general public that chemicals and poisons are beneficial for medical conditions.

In other words, these villains have brainwashed the public at large into believing that black is white. I hate to be the one to break the news, but chemicals and poisons are not medicine.

Did your parents ever tell you that chemicals and poison could be good for you? Or that radiation could be beneficial? When it is exposed in this fashion, a rational person has no trouble seeing the truth in what I am saying.

Long before chemicals were ever dreamed of, we had empiric medicine. Medicine from plants has been with us for thousands of years. Hemp has always been known to be the greatest empiric healer in history. In many ancient cultures, hemp was worshipped for its healing properties and given the name “the tree of life”.

So how can a plant that possesses the medicinal properties of hemp continue to be denied to the public? Properly produced hemp medicine is the greatest natural healer on this planet and I defy anyone to show me something that the medical system currently uses that is better. Enough with all the medical double talk about double-blind testing and placebo effects. This medicine works, of that there is no doubt. If anyone from the medical system is willing to dispute what I am saying publicly. There are many venues on internet programing and radio stations that would be happy to have us on the air at the same time to express our views.

How could someone like myself even make these statements about this medicine if it was not true? The system would have exposed me as a fraud years ago, if they could have done so. But I am still here, bringing the truth to this sick and ailing world.

In the end, we must all face the bitter truth. We have been lied to and betrayed. Also, we must accept the fact that we are not nearly as intelligent as we think we are, or this medical perversion could never have taken place. We are responsible, we the people in all our ignorance were the ones who accepted their lies, even when it went against all forms of rational thinking. We accepted what they told us and trusted them.

As always, I am asking governments and the medical system to do the right thing for the people. Investigate what I am saying and act upon it. In the end, we all succumb to diseases, and so do our loved ones. When your turn comes, would you not want the greatest natural medicine on earth available to ease your suffering?

Everything I have ever told the public about the use of hemp medicine, is true. Hemp is, as history called it, a cure-all. It is an effective control or cure for practically all diseases including cancer, both internal and external.

If produced properly, the essential oil of the hemp plant can replace the vast majority of pharmaceutical medications. Now here is a medicine that is natural, non-addictive and harmless. Who in their right mind would continue to take harmful, dangerous and addictive chemical poisons, if high quality hemp oil can solve their medical problems? As the Hippocratic Oath states, first do no harm, and that is exactly what this medicine does. No harm.

The vast majority of people look at medicine as some deep dark science that only doctors can understand. The simplicity and effectiveness of hemp medicine makes anyone who has it available, capable of being their own doctor.

If someone dear to you is suffering or dying, and you can simply grow a few plants that produces a harmless natural medicine that can ease their suffering and save their lives. Who on God´s green earth thinks they have the right to tell you that you are not allowed to do so?

Do the corporate money mongers really believe, that the human race is going to continue to line up like farm animals being led to the slaughter? Finally, the human race is starting to awaken to the reality of what the system has been doing to them.

The change must come. I only hope it can be accomplished without violence. We need clear, concise, rational thinking to avoid further human suffering.

We cannot put the blame on this system. As I have stated, we are all to blame. The vast majority of us unthinkingly do as we are told and seldom question anything the system tells us, even when we know better. So it can only be said that the fault lies within us all, we are all indeed our own worst enemy.

Now the time of change is at hand. I can only hope that big money, will awaken to the fact that what they have been doing is completely unacceptable. The proper course now would be for big money interests to work with us to build a better world.

All the major hemp publications are now bringing the truth to their readers about hemp´s amazing healing abilities. Testimonials concerning hemp oil´s effectiveness on all types of diseases and conditions are coming out on the internet everywhere. Hemp´s medicinal use is gaining legions of supporters every day. The truth cannot and will not be held back any longer.

At the present time, hundreds of thousands of people worldwide are producing and using this wonderful medication and they are achieving the same results as we did with its medicinal use. Once the restrictions are gone, this medicine can be produced so cheaply that no one need die because they do not have enough money to purchase the medicine they require.

Why are we allowing our loved ones and ourselves to suffer when there is such a simple solution? The policies of big money concerns in the past, have put mankind on the wrong path. But if we work together in a sensible way, we can clean this planet up and give ourselves and coming generations a decent future.

We are the human race, the future is ours to create. We can choose suffering, death, pestilence and starvation, or we can plant hemp everywhere and solve most of the problems currently facing mankind. To anyone with common sense, the choice is clear. It is time for a radical change in the way we think. We cannot continue to poison ourselves and this planet and expect to survive. Our only salvation lies in honesty, truth and knowledge. If we continue to accept lies and double talk, the human race will soon face extinction.

Let us give mankind a chance. Stand with me and let us put an end to all these lies and deceptions. It is our watch and it is our responsibility to do so. If given a chance, Mother Earth can once again become a paradise for us all. If the human race does not act, then it can only be said, that we are the authors of our own destruction.

Rick Simpson

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