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Hemp: The Cure All With A Thousand Medicinal Profiles

I am doing this article so people may have a better understanding of the medicinal values of hemp and why the system is so afraid of a plant. It seems that practically all hemp has medicinal virtues, but the medicinal values from strain to strain can vary a great deal. Hemp is the most misunderstood of all healing herbs and it also happens to be the most harmless and effective healing plant on earth.

Before I go into all this, I will try to explain as simply as possible why governments and those in control have kept the truth about this plant hidden. Throughout history many lies and deceptions were employed by those in powerful positions to keep the public at large ignorant in regards to hemps medicinal values.

Even religion played a disturbing role in keeping the truth about this plant from the public. For the most part, this was done to keep the human race living in wonder and under control. You see that people who use hemp properly tend to question things and quite often will not go along unquestionably with the rest of the herd.

For a very long time this has been duly noted by those who are trying to maintain control. So for many of those in authority throughout the ages, keeping the truth about the healing power of this plant from the public was a necessity if they were to maintain control and remain in charge.

Indeed if the public knew the truth, then everyone would be using this plant properly as a medication to maintain good health. A situation like this would cause many more people to start questioning the so called powers that be. And that, my friends, is what they are so afraid of. Do you think that big money concerns want to try to deal with a public who are now thinking much more rationally? A public that will no longer swallow the lies and deceptions and a public that will now put a stop to their policies and projects that are harming the human race and this planet?

You see, folks, it’s a classic battle between good and evil. If we do not put a stop to the agenda of the people who are now running things, the human race may become extinct due to the damage we are allowing them to do to us and this earth. Therefore there is only one rational thing to do – legalize hemp´s use as medicine and put this world back on a course that makes some sense.

From the past performance of those who are currently in charge, it is abundantly clear that they have not been working for the greater good of the people. Obviously, what has been motivating them is the pursuit of money and power and all this has been done at the expense of the public´s health and well being.

In the future, this type of behavior cannot be tolerated from people who are put in positions of public trust. The goal of anyone working in such a position must be to do the job properly and always work for the greater good of the people. Everything must be done with an open book policy to the public. Also their work must be scrutinized by an honest news media whose only aim is to see that the public gets the truth. It is not hard to change the world in which we live, all that is required is the need and will to make it happen.

What people seem to fail to understand about the hemp plant is the great diversity of medicinal uses from strain to strain. Some strains are more effective as a pain killer than others, while other types may be better for a diabetic or someone who is trying to lower their ocular pressure with glaucoma. Luckily it seems that good cannabis indica strains are an effective treatment for all types of cancer.

There are now thousands of different types of hemp that have come into being due to breeders crossing different varieties. The three main varieties of this plant are cannabis indica, cannabis Sativa and cannabis Ruderalis. Pure Indicas produce a very sedative medication that is effective in the treatment of most medical conditions. Good indica strains that have been crossed with Sativa or Ruderalis can also possess this heavy sedative medicinal effect.

But it depends a great deal on the percentage of indica that is present in these new crosses as to how effective they will be as a medication.

Generally the higher the indica content, the more sedative and effective these crosses will be as a medicine.

Pure Sativa, on the other hand, produce an energetic effect which is not conducive to promote healing in most cases and can interfere with the sleeping patterns of those who try to use it as a medication. Medications produced from pure Sativa or sativa dominant indica or Ruderalis crosses can be beneficial in the treatment of someone suffering from depression, or skin conditions that can be treated topically. For ingestion purposes, oils produced from Sativa and sativa dominant crosses, must be used with caution. Such oils can be unbelievably energizing when ingested and this effect, in my opinion, does not promote the healing process.

In the last few years, Ruderalis has gained a great deal of attention in the hemp world. As I understand it, Ruderalis in many cases is being crossed with Indicas and Sativa, to make these strains more hardy and mold resistant. I cannot voice an opinion as yet on how effective medications produced from this variety would be medicinally. Since I lack the experience working with Ruderalis varieties, I do not feel qualified at this time to offer my views.

For someone new to the world of hemp all this can be quite bewildering. Due to all the breeding that has been done, the old way of just looking at the large leaves on the plant to determine if it is an indica or sativa can no longer be trusted. Traditionally, the large leaves on sativa strains were long and thin while the large leaves of Indicas were much broader in appearance. Now a plant can look like an indica, yet exhibit the energizing traits of a sativa and vice versa. All this can be very hard on a beginner so I would suggest that people approach this problem in the same way I did.

The easiest way to determine what traits bud material has within it is to simply smoke some and see what effect it has on you. When people bring hemp to me to produce this medication, I roll a joint. By the time I have smoked about half of it, I know if it possesses the sedative effect I am looking for and that is how I select the material I use.

If you are going to buy hemp to produce medication and do not smoke it yourself, take someone along who is an experienced smoker and have them smoke some of the material you are thinking of purchasing. Tell them that you are looking for a sedative effect and you do not want to buy something that is uplifting or energizing.

Also it is a good idea to carry a pocket magnifier with you, so you can examine the resin the bud is covered in. Good bud looks like it is covered in frost, most of the time it can even be seen with the naked eye. Once you get used to producing the oil, one can often get a pretty good idea how much oil a strain may produce per pound just by looking at the bud material with a magnifier. The resin you are observing is the medicine and generally the more that is present on the bud material, the larger the amount of oil it will produce.

From my experience, practically all indica dominant strains can produce a medication that is an effective treatment for all medical conditions. Even people suffering from depression can benefit from the effects of medicine produced from good Indicas. So stay away from Sativa to produce medicine for most internal purposes. But if you want to treat a skin condition or skin cancer topically, I think you will find that Sativa can be quite effective in the treatment of such things.

There is no question that some strains produce a much more potent medication than others for different medical conditions. In the future that is where the research must be done. We already know the miracles this medication is capable of. Now all we have to find out is which strains are the most beneficial to treat different conditions. This can all be accomplished using a simple process of elimination and the research can be done while we are healing the people. I hope my explanations in this article have been helpful to the many people in need of this medication.

Best wishes.
Rick Simpson

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