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On The Plight Of Christopher Diaz

Down in the Lone Star State of Texas, there’s a place called Bangs were a young man by the name of Christopher Diaz is being held without bail. Also he is being denied the use of the medicine he requires to treat his asthma. Chris has been locked up without his medication for more than seven weeks and indeed such a situation puts his life in danger. What did Chris do wrong? Why, he was using hemp to treat his asthma.

A lifetime of using steroid inhalers and other chemical medicines had caused severe damage to already weakened lungs. Three years ago Chris was introduced to cannabis to help treat his condition. He had gone to California and doctors there prescribed hemp for his asthma. And since that time his condition has improved dramatically. Cannabis has his life.

Back in June Chris was pulled over in Bangs, Texas by trooper Martin Molotsky. Even though the cannabis oil was in a prescription bottle with documentation, Chris was arrested and charged. It seems the State of Texas does no recognize prescription from doctors in California. And now the State of Texas wants to give Chris a life sentence for having fourteen grams of oil on his person.

They have locked him up without bail and will only offer him the same treatments that did most of the damage in the first place. It has been a well-known fact since the 1800s that cannabis is a very effective and harmless treatment for asthma sufferers. Yet in Bangs, Texas they think they have the right to endanger this young man´s life by denying him the medication he requires. I don’t know what they call such behavior in Bangs, Texas, but I call it attempted murder. And given Chris´s condition, they could easily succeed in killing him and it would then be outright murder.

If you have never seen someone suffer a bad asthma attack, it´s not a pretty sight. And to deny someone in such a situation the medicine they require is outright cruelty. Stand up and demand that this young man be released from custody and that these insane charges be dropped. Support the plight of Christopher Diaz and cannabis reform in Texas. For one day it could be you or a loved one that they have locked up for no sensible reason. So let´s bring this insanity to an end.

Since hemp is non-addictive and harmless and it presents no danger to the public, no one, no politician, lawyer, doctor, cop or anyone else has the right to stop you from growing this plant and using it medicinally. As a human being, you have a god-given right to the use of this plant and let no one tell you otherwise. Those who have been standing in the way of hemp´s free medicinal use are doing so out of greed, ignorance and the need they seem to feel to control our lives.

But everything the system has ever told us about the hemp plant is based in lies. For thousands of years, the cannabis hemp plant has played an important role in mankind´s very survival. Now that the public is finally learning the truth about the medicinal wonders this plant is truly capable of, there is no holding the hemp plant or the medicine it produces back.

I implore everyone connected to the hemp movement to do what they can to bring the truth out more quickly and help all those who are currently suffering. Go to to get the full story of what the system in Texas is trying to do to Christopher Diaz.
We must bring this world back to reality and what better way to do it than to unleash the healing power of this magnificent plant.

Rick Simpson
August 2010

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