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Solvent Residue In The Oil

Solvent Residue In The Oil

Over the years I have been contacted by a good number of people who were concerned about the possibility that solvent residue could be left behind in the finished oil. From my experience, I feel there is little danger in consuming such an oil if the instructions we have made available to produce the oil are followed.

I have been ingesting this oil myself for about nine years with no ill effects. Also I have made this oil available to thousands of people and I have received very few complaints. If someone has problems taking the oil it is usually because they are trying to take pharmaceuticals along with the oil treatment. High-grade hemp oil has the ability to replace the use of most pharmaceuticals. But when a patient tries to take pharmaceuticals along with the oil, sometimes problems can arise. Usually after the patient ceases the use of pharmaceutical drugs, any problems they were experiencing simply disappear.

When the oil is made properly, the finished product is a thick grease. Oils that I have produced have been laboratory tested and I have never received any report of solvent residue being present in the finished product.

It seems absurd to me that anyone would worry about solvent residue in the oil when you consider what the medical system has been feeding the public. Liver toxic chemicals, poisons, chemo, radiation, etc. It seems to me that anyone worried about being poisoned should be much more concerned with what the medical system supplies, rather than residue from a solvent.

There are many scientific ways to extract the oil from the plant material. Also there many solvents that can be safely used to perform this task. Not to mention other processes like nobel gas extractions. The problem with scientific methods is that most people lack the equipment and knowledge to perform such extractions. And that is why we showed the public the simplest possible way to produce this medication themselves.

I freely admit that the method we described to the public would be considered crude at best, but there is no doubt that high grade medication can be produced in this manner. From my point of view, the best way to produce this medication would involve a distilling process. That way the solvents can be reclaimed and there is much less danger of a mishap. But for the most part people do not understand distilling so for most it is best to use the simplest method possible.

I have used different solvents to produce oil but most of the time I use naphtha. Naphtha is usually readily available and very economical to purchase when compared to other solvents. Most paint suppliers sell naphtha as paint thinners, so the average person should have little trouble in locating this solvent.

I have also used alcohol and isopropyl alcohol to produce the oil on quite a few occasions with no difficulties. Usually an oil produced with alcohol will be darker in color than oil produced with naphtha. The reason for this is alcohol is not as selective as naphtha and it will leach out some of the chlorophyll which gives oils produced in this manner a darker color. Just because such an oil is darker in color, do not underestimate its potency, a darker oil can and often is just as potent as oils produced in another manners.

Often people tell me that they would prefer to produce the oil using grain alcohol. For some reason they seem to think that grain alcohol would be safer to use. One of the main problems with grain alcohol is that it is very hard to find alcohol such as this that is 99 or 100% pure.
In most cases it is hard to find alcohol that is over 95 % and usually the other 5 % will be water. Since this water is present, it makes such alcohol less effective as a solvent and at the end of the process there will be quite a bit of water left in the oil that must be evaporated off.
From my experience I do not consider grain alcohol to be any safer than isopropyl alcohol or naphtha to produce the oil. No matter how you look at it, alcohol is poison and when you consume alcohol, it produces a poison high that affects your motor skills and this is known as being drunk.

I am not saying that high grade oil cannot be produced using grain alcohol. Rather I am saying that you should be aware that grain alcohol is no better or safer than most other solvents that are currently available.

Often I am contacted by people who wish to extract the oil using butter or olive oil etc. Often I am asked if I think an extraction done in this manner would produce a medicine with similar potency to the medicine I produce using my method. The answer is no. I consider extractions done in this way to be simply forms of weakened hemp medicine. By volume there is no possible way that a medication produced like this could have the same potency as the medication I produce. If you had a serious cancer, would you want to treat it with some form of watered down hemp medicine or would you sooner use the real think in your treatment? End of story.

Also people quite often inquire if the oil can be used along with chemo. I tell them that yes, the oil could be used along with the chemo and it would give them a better chance of surviving the effects of the poison in the chemo. But why would anyone in their right mind even consider taking poison and radiation? Chemo and radiation do not cure cancer, they cause it and in the past I have refused to provide oil to people who are planning to take such so-called treatments. Why should I run the risk of going to jail to produce the oil for someone who plans to take treatments such as this from the medical system? If a person wants to take poison or radiation, by all means, that is your choice but don’t expect me to supply the oil.

In the past I have provided this medication to people who want a viable treatment that works and gives them a good chance to survive. For the most part, I consider what the medical system is supplying to be more about murder than it is about medicine. That is the reason I tell people with serious medical conditions to take the oil and stay away from the medical system. What the medical system provides in the end usually does much more harm than good. The damage caused and left behind by chemo and radiation will in most cases bring about the death of the patient. The vast majority of people who take chemo and radiation die from the effects of these treatments and not the cancer they are being treated for.

I want the public to know that for the next few weeks I will be very hard to reach. In the coming weeks I hope to put the finishing touches on the book I have written on this subject.

But like Arnold the Terminator, I´ll be back.

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