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Rick Simpson was giving the oil away for freesince he was growing plants in his own backyard, while he was still in Canada, until 2009, when the Royal Canadian Mounted Police did the final raid at his home.

Since 2013 Rick  no longer lives in Canada. He lives in Europe.

Rick Simpson does not provide or sell cannabis oil.

He put up the website back in 2004 and he made the information people need to heal themselves free for all to use at no cost. He can not provide information on where, or whom you can acquire RSO, or cannabis from, in your own country, or the rest of the world.

Rick Simpson is not connected with anyone who claims that they are supplying “The Real Rick Simpson Oil”. Beware of scammers who are using his name. 

Rick Simpson does not have representatives who provide the oil in different countries and if somebody is trying to sell you oil and they claim that they are directly connected with me, you can be sure that they are trying to scam you.

These two websites are the only ones that Rick Simpson is affiliated with:   &

Due to the overwhelming number of emails we receive daily, from people all around the world, and the fact that there are only two of us available to read and reply to the questions they ask, we simply cannot keep up with the demands the public are now placing upon us any longer.

We both deeply appreciate all your well-wishes and we are moved and touched by the stories of your loved ones, but we simply do not have the resources needed to hire others to take on this task.

So we have added a great deal more information to the website, in the hope that this new text, will be able to answer most questions we are commonly asked.

I deeply regret that we can no longer fulfill this role, but our work load has become so heavy that there are now simply not enough hours in the day, to meet all the demands which now confront us.

So therefore, the only emails which we will have time to answer in the future, will be emails from people who wish for me to do seminars or those involved with different medias, such as radio programs and things of this nature, who are requesting that I do interviews or shows with them.

The circumstances that we are working under, simply do not allow us the time needed to answer everyone’s emails, so I hope that the public can understand why this is no longer possible.

On this website you can find dosage instructions along with all the information needed to produce your own hemp oil and all  other new relevant information related to its production and use. 

Best Wishes

Rick & Danijela Simpson

Our ONLY email address is: and we have no connection with the Phoenix Tears Foundation.

Please Read

Due to the overwhelming amount of emails we are now receiving everyday, we are asking the public to please go over the information carefully that has just been recently updated on this website and this should enable most, to find the answers to whatever questions they may have.

With only so many hours in the day and with just two of us available to reply to your emails, we simply cannot keep up with the demands the public are now placing upon us.
Therefore, it will not be possible for us to answer your questions any longer, for we simply do not have the time and resources, to continue to play this role in the future.  

All the information that one should require concerning the production and use of these extracts, can be found in the new texts available on the website. This is the only website that Rick Simpson is associate with.

We do not provide or sell these extracts and we are not connected with any organisations or individuals who do,  our only aim is to furnish you with the information and knowledge, which will allow you to produce this amazing medication yourself.


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