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Rick Simpson has been providing the public with instructions on how to manufacture and use cannabis oil / RSO since 2003. The results of his efforts have been nothing short of amazing, for these extracts have relieved a great deal of suffering and have saved the lives of vast numbers who had thought their conditions to be terminal.  Now, people everywhere are using the knowledge he provided, to help them deal with health problems, which our current medical systems seem to be unable to treat in an effective manner.

Throughout man’s history the use of cannabis in medicine and its miraculous healing powers, have given this plant legendary status when it comes to healing.  In addition cannabis was used for many other purposes as well, since according to our history it was widely employed to manufacture many of the goods we required to enrich our existence.  But even though all this was commonly known,  cannabis has been used as a political and religious football, by those who wish to keep us enslaved and under their control.

The current restrictions against the free growing and use of cannabis were not put in place and maintained to protect the public in any way.  Instead, these restrictions were necessary to enable big money interests to make even higher profit margins, and since the corruption of our governments allowed these absurd regulations to be put in force, this has caused vast numbers of us to suffer and die needlessly. Look at a proposal such as this; if we were all allowed to grow medicinal strains of cannabis in our back yards and cure our own illnesses, what do you think the reaction of the pharmaceutical industry would be to such a plan?

Many large pharmaceutical companies which still exist today, sold cannabis based medicines for decades in the eighteen and early nineteen hundreds. Therefore, well over a century ago they must have found out about the healing qualities of extracts produced from this plant, the same as Rick did about fourteen years ago. Since Rick quickly realised the healing power of these extracts with no medical back ground to guide him, he finds it impossible to comprehend that with all the resources these drug companies had at their disposal that they had no knowledge about this plants true healing abilities. Rick’s view concerning this question, is that the pharmaceutical industry has been trying to hide the fact that cannabis extracts if produced properly, are a cure-all that the pharmaceutical industry can’t patent, so therefore it would have been best for the pharmaceutical industry to keep this knowledge hidden from the public.

Rick contacted the Liberals, the Conservatives, the New Democratic Party and the Green Party in Canada about this situation. He also provided them with ample evidence to backup what he was saying. But no one would lift a finger and in most cases, he did not even receive a reply. In addition, he also contacted the Canadian Cancer Society, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the mainstream media, along with many other organisations and Public Interest TV shows, he even took this to the United Nations, but no one would do a thing.

Why are all these people trying to avoid such a simple truth, when so many at present are suffering and dying needlessly? If Rick is in some way wrong about what he has been saying, he openly invites the system to come and prove it. He has stated that he would be happy to put on a public demonstration concerning the healing powers of these extracts and this would once and for all prove, the medical benefits these extracts contain.

For those who may find it incredible that the medical establishment would ignore or even disdain such research we remind the reader that the history of the medical establishment includes examples of mule-like stubbornness, incompetence, mediocrity, greed, arrogance, and stupidity. Consider the case of Dr. Ignas Semmelweis:

In 1847, Dr. Semmelweis, a respected Hungarian physician who was concerned about the high mortality rate of women giving birth in hospital, instituted a procedure at one hospital whereby doctors washed and disinfected their hands before delivering babies. Immediately, the mortality rate dropped from THIRTY percent to near zero. Seven other hospitals followed suit with similar results.

The European medical establishment recognised Dr. Semmelweis’s achievement by blocking his applications for further research funds, vilifying and ostracising him and, ultimately, causing him to lose his prestigious positions at maternity hospitals. In America, the newly formed American Medical Association added insult to injury by threatening to revoke the license of any doctor caught washing his hands. Dr. Semmelweis was so distressed that women continued to die that he suffered a mental breakdown, which eventually led to his death in 1865.

Don’t expect a doctor working within our current medical systems to buck the system. The risks are still too great!

The advice she or he offers you is controlled by a large medical industry that makes its money from expensive cancer fighting drugs and treatments. It is an industry that doesn’t look favourably on natural supplements or other cancer treatments that they cannot patent or make a large profits from. Years from now, the current conventional cancer treatments used by doctors today, will on the whole be viewed in the same light that we now view the old medical practice of blood letting to cure illnesses.

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