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Whose Oil Can You Trust

I’m here today because I am very disturbed about what is presently happening in North America. And I feel that the public need to be aware of what is truly going on so they can make informed decisions when purchasing hemp oil to treat themselves. First off I want the […]

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Solvent Residue In The Oil

Solvent Residue In The Oil Over the years I have been contacted by a good number of people who were concerned about the possibility that solvent residue could be left behind in the finished oil. From my experience, I feel there is little danger in consuming such an oil if […]

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Hemp: The Most Medicinal Plant In The World In Action

Hemp – the Most Medicinal Plant in the World in Action A written interview with Rick Simpson, second edition, July 2010. 
Questions: Jindrich Bayer and Milan Romsy, Bayer & Romsy, List of contents The table of contents is empty because none of the paragraph styles selected in the Document […]

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Onward To Full Legalization

It was the wishes of Jack Herer that I am to become the new leader of the hemp movement. I really did not expect this and would have been perfectly happy to continue with my work on the medicinal front of the movement. But it seems that Jack apparently thought […]

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On The Plight Of Christopher Diaz

Down in the Lone Star State of Texas, there’s a place called Bangs were a young man by the name of Christopher Diaz is being held without bail. Also he is being denied the use of the medicine he requires to treat his asthma. Chris has been locked up without […]

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Max Igan Talks With Rick Simpson

A Cure for Cancer: Max Igan talks with Rick SimpsonAmerican Voice Radio12/17/2010Transcribed by Liz Patton “Laws are only words written on paper. Words that change on society’s whim and are interpreted differently daily by politicians, lawyers, judges and policemen. Anyone who believes that all laws should always be obeyed would […]

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Hemp: The Cure All With A Thousand Medicinal Profiles

I am doing this article so people may have a better understanding of the medicinal values of hemp and why the system is so afraid of a plant. It seems that practically all hemp has medicinal virtues, but the medicinal values from strain to strain can vary a great deal. […]

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Hemp Oil: The Real Medicine

Every day, our website,, receives a great number of inquiries about the oil. In the hope of answering your inquiries more quickly, we are making this information available to everyone. When people are stricken with diseases like cancer, multiple sclerosis, AIDS and many others, they are afraid and do […]

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Hemp Alive And Well In The Czech Republic

See pictures from the march here and read the speech below. To most people, when they hear the word Prague, they envision a beautiful city that looks as if it might have come straight out of a fairy tale. To many people it would seem that hemp and its use […]

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American Freedom Radio

Radio Freeman with his special guest Rick Simpson discussing the amazing medical uses of hemp oil. Listen To The Interview

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